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Whakoom is an app to catalogue your entire library of comic books quickly and conveniently. Just scan the barcodes on all your comics or find them directly using the app's search feature. Plus once you've added one issue, you can add the rest automatically.

When you add a comic to Whakoom, you can mark it as one you already have or one you want. Like this you can create two very different but equally important lists. On the list of comics you own, of course, you can also create different collections to better organize your comics.

Clicking on each comic's entry displays basic info like its publisher and date of publication. Plus you can give it your own rating, in doing so helping the Whakoom community create an enormous comic database.

Whakoom is an excellent tool for cataloging your comics that should make quick work of the task of organizing your comic book collection. Plus the app's interface is simple and user-friendly.
Whakoom: The best tool to organize your comic collection

We've talked here before about the various tools out there for reading digital comics. Still, the most diehard collectors usually have such copious amounts of "paper" stashed all over the place that they forget what's in those shoeboxes brimming with stapled leaves of comics. Sufferers of comic Diogenes syndrome will be gleeful about tools like Whakoom, a multiplatform service to organize your comics collection and give you detailed info about each issue.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher.